3 Types of Management
(and why we care)

11 January 2019

Management is something we do every day. Management is the planning, organising, staffing, directing, coordinating and controlling all the different parts of what we do.  Whether or not it is in our job title, or job description we all manage our time, our work, our families and friends and a hundred other things besides!


Management has been called: ‘the art of getting things done’. If someone refers to someone else as a ‘good manager’ it likely means that they are able to accomplish things well, on time, without irritating people as they do it.

At Safer Edge, we have categories of management which everyone needs to master. These are types of management that we all use to greater, or lesser, degrees:

1.      Workflow (Time) Management:

This means how we use the time we have during the day to accomplish the things which are required of us and that we want to do.

2. People Management:

This means how we engage, interact with, coordinate and direct people over whose activities we are responsible.

3. Project Management: 

This is how we handle each client project (piece of work, job) which comes to us. It is about how we plan, design, and deliver each thing we do – whether that’s a big, complex Safeguarding project or a one-day ICS course that we do repeatedly.


We make a mistake if we assume that people are either good managers or they aren’t. Someone is either good at organising their time, or they aren’t. Someone is good with people, or they aren’t. We can also make the mistake of assuming that because we, or someone else, are good at a certain type of management then we have nothing to learn. Management is not a skill that anyone is born with. Everyone learns it. And, simply because a person is good at managing people doesn’t mean they are good at managing their workflow. Simply because someone is good at managing their workflow doesn't mean they have nothing else to learn. 

There are lots of different techniques, tips and skills that can be learned and applied to ensure that we’re managing well. This series on management through 2019 is intended to help us all be better managers in all of these areas. Each week, there will be a brief article linked to one of these three areas. They are yours for the taking. If you read something and don’t think it will work for you then don’t apply it. But, I would challenge you to take this opportunity to apply some new thinking to your management practices or try something new and potentially become a better manager in 2019.

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