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Thank you for your interest in working with Safer Edge as a contractor/consultant.

As a UK-based risk management company, we work with people with expertise and experience in three general areas:

  1. ​Learning: Creating training materials; developing e-learning; facilitating blended e-learning courses.

  2. Risk Management: Conducting risk assessments; risk audit; policy and practice development.

  3. Safeguarding: Creating e-learning; policy & procedure; investigation; advisory support.

Our Work & Your Expertise

Our clients work in the social sector so it is expected that you will be:  

  • An expert in a specific skill related to the general areas above.

  • Experienced in working cross-culturally – both in-person and online.

  • Able to understand and work with social sector organisations.

  • Understanding of our clients and the work they do.

  •  Flexible and able to work independently.

  • Able to deliver high quality work and be conscientious about deadlines.


It's an added benefit if:

  • You have a niche skill or training (e.g. e-learning design, health and safety, security systems, safeguarding in overseas contexts, training certifications, etc.)

  • You're able to use e-learning software and applications.

  • You can work in a foreign language.

Becoming a Safer Edge Consultant

Complete our online application 
This application gives us permission to hold your data under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and also provides us with details about your specific skills. The application requires that you provide us with three references. Upon completing the online application you will also email us your CV, a copy of your passport or driver’s license, and relevant certificates.

Reference checks
We complete reference checks on all consultants with whom we work. On the application you’ll also be able to let us know if you are DBS cleared – which may be require for some projects.


Once you have successfully complete the reference checks, we will be in touch with some documents to sign. These include:

  • Contract – this is an open-ended contract that enables us to work with you whenever work is available.

  • Consultant Information Form – this is information we are require to collect and also includes our Code of Conduct which you are expected to abide by.

  • IR35 Waiver – this is a UK requirement re-stating that you are not an employee of Safer Edge.

  • Non-disclosure agreement – this creates a confidential relationship between you, Safer Edge and the clients with whom we work.  

Work assignment
Once 1-3 are completed, you’re ready to work with us. Normally, when we start working on a new project we will email you and see if you are available. This is not a guarantee of work. If you are available, and the project proceeds, we will issue you a work assignment. This work assignment forms part of your contract with us and will detail:

  • Your Safer Edge Focal Point

  • Who else you are working with

  • Who the client is

  • The background and structure of the project

  • Any deadlines and deliverables

  • The number of days for the project as well as the rate at which you will be paid

  • When you will be paid

You should review the work assignment carefully and discuss any changes or requests with the Safer Edge Focal Point PRIOR to signing it. After acceptance, no changes to the work assignment will be made.

​We recognise that as a consultant there are a lot of demand for your skills and time therefore, we want to make working with Safer Edge as straightforward as possible. Becoming a consultant with Safer Edge is a four step process detailed below. 

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Ready to get started?

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