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Consultant Introduction

Thank you for your interest in working with Safer Edge as a consultant. Safer Edge is a company which engages consultants with expertise in three general areas:

  1. Learning (facilitating courses, course development, etc.)

  2. Risk Management (risk assessments, feasibility assessments, risk management audit, etc.)

  3. Safeguarding (policy, procedure, investigation, providing advisory support, etc.) 

Our roster serves several purposes. First, it widens the amount of consultants we regularly engage and thus broadens the expertise available to our clients. Second, through the roster process it ensures that we're working with top-notch professionals. And, third, it aims to make your engagement with Safer Edge a straightforward and pleasant experience. 




Who are we looking for?

We are looking for consultants who are interested in the work we do and the clients with whom we work. We want people who:

  1. Are knowledgeable experts in individual and organisational risk management.

  2. Have a background in implementing safety and security in other countries.

  3. Want to work with values-based organisations.

  4. Truly care about our clients and want to provide as much value to them as possible.

  5. Are easy to get along with and are people who others find it easy to relate to.

  6. Can work cross-culturally and be appropriate and sensitive.

  7. Deliver top quality work (the first time and every time) and are conscientious about deadlines and great delivery.

It's always an added benefit if:

  1. You have a niche skill or training (e.g. hostage negotiation, health and safety, security systems, safeguarding in overseas contexts, training certifications, etc.)

  2. You're willing to work overseas.

  3. You're able to gap-fill for organisations overseas for 2 weeks to a month or more.

  4. You have the ability to work in a foreign language.


We've worked with you before and have gotten good feedback from our team and the course participants, or clients, with whom you worked. 


What is it like working with Safer Edge?

We recognise that, as experts in risk management, there is a lot of demand for your skills and time. We recognise that you'll be working with other providers and clients so we want working with Safer Edge to be as easy and straightforward as possible. We want to:

  1. Be great people to work with. We're a small team who are open and friendly. If you have questions you can always ask.

  2. Give you a good idea of when, and whether, work is coming. We plan and book our known work two months in advance (e.g. for September and October you'll hear from us in August). Ad hoc work does come up at the last minute but we try to plan as far in advance as we can.

  3. Give clear direction on work assignments prior to starting work - this includes what you'll be paid, where the work is, how many days the work is, a brief on the client, deliverables, expectations, and more.

  4. Pay invoices/expenses regularly and on time. 

  5. Give you feedback on the work you do. We have new feedback processes being put in place so we'll be letting you know how much people appreciate your work...which will also encourage us to work with you more!

  6. Get feedback from you on how we can improve and grow our services.




What's the process to join the Consultant Roster?

If you haven’t worked with Safer Edge recently, or your new to us, we’ve introduced a new process to join our roster. We'll try to make each of the steps as clear and as easy as possible and let you know why we need them.

1. Application We need everyone to fill out an online application. This is because those details will be entered directly into a database that we can use to search for specific requirements and skills. Also, under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this gives us permission to store your personal data. After you have finished the online application you will need to email your CV and relevant certificates to:

2. Reference Checks We will be doing reference checks for all consultants with whom we work. On the application you'll also be able to let us know if you're DBS or security cleared.

3. Contracting & Paperwork Once you have been accepted onto the roster you'll be sent an independent consultant's contract. This will be a contract for a year which enables us to simply issue you with work assignments for each job instead of having to have a new contract for each piece of work. In addition, you’ll need to sign:

  1. IR35 Waiver

  2. Non-disclosure agreement

  3. Consultant Information Form


You’ll also send us a copy of your passport and driver’s license.

4. Induction After signing the contract we will send you the links to the consultant only part of our website where you can find previous issues of our monthly consultant update as well other documents and useful information. Additionally, we'll soon have an online consultant induction which you'll be able to watch that covers Safer Edge's expectations and requirements.

If you'll be facilitating on our courses, we might invite you to attend one of our courses to get to know our curriculum a bit better.  

5. Work Assignment Once that is all completed we'll be set up to work with you. If a piece of work comes up and it's decided that you're the right person for it we'll send you an email to check on your availability.  Please be aware that this is an initial conversation and not a promise of work. You shouldn’t make any changes to your plans or work until we confirm to you that the work is going ahead and send you a work assignment. A work assignment details all of the job's specifics including the amount of time allowed and daily rate. You should read it carefully and negotiate any changes before accepting it as no changes will be made after acceptance. 


Ready to start?




And, go ahead and check our social media to see what we've been up to lately..

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