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As a Safer Edge consultant it's likely that you'll be asked about us. Without boring you, or your audience, with detail here are some of the key details in a nutshell...

The elevator pitch

Safer Edge is a security risk advisory company that enables organisations to keep their people and operations safe no matter where in the world they’re working. We believe that security learning and advice should help organisations achieve their mission and work to help them do that. 

Our history

Founded in 2003 by Steve McCann, Safer Edge was created to provide safety and security training to humanitarian and development organisations. Since that time, it has grown to serve many different kinds of organisations across the social sector. 


It has five employees and works with approximately 20 consultants regularly. These consultants provide Safer Edge with a breadth of linguistic, geographic and security expertise necessary to be an industry leader. Safer Edge continues to deliver its learning and risk advisory services on every continent and in some of the world’s most challenging context including: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, South Sudan and Pakistan.

Our structure

Our clients

Our ethos

Our ethos

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