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Affordable, accessible and inclusive security courses online

Comprehensive range of courses in multiple languages

80% cost-saving compared to traditional security courses

Diversive and inclusive

Why online?

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All our e-learning courses are:

  • 80% cost-savings on traditional security courses

  • Available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic

  • Externally certified

  • Available for download

  • Support donor carbon reduction targets

  • Diverse and inclusive in content, imagery and language

  • Discounted for groups

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Stay safe in challenging environments

23 modules, 14 hours | Read more

Security Management

Learn to manage security in social sector organisations

6 modules, 9 hours | Read more

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International Travel Security

Become a safe international traveller

10 modules, 4 hours | Read more

Women's Security for Everyone

Learn about security through a gender lens

17 modules, 8 hours | Read more

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Achieving Carbon Reduction

Learn how to meet carbon reduction targets in humanitarian and development work

5 modules, 2 hours | Read more

Crisis Management Training

Annual training for the Crisis Management Team

6 modules, 2 1/2 hours | Read more

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