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Each institution and university is different. Different structures, different personalities, different needs, different risks. No one-size risk management system fits all.


Our work with institutions in the academic sector has given us a unique insight into the challenges that faculties face when establishing a successful and cost-effective risk management approach.


We support institutions to develop enabling systems, policy and practice that truly fits their approach, structure, mission and goals.

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"The services provided to the University by Safer Edge are invaluable in enabling us to undertake robust risk assessment for our staff and student activities abroad."   

         —  Dr Martin Vinnell 

University of Cambridge

"We've been working with Safer Edge over the last twelve months. With their support we have been reviewing our travel risk assessment processes and they have delivered a range of training for our higher risk travel activities. Their flexible approach to problem solving and needs of our complex organisation has been invaluable."    

  —  Karen Lawrence
 Coventry University


Risk Assessment
Institutions face incredibly varied and complex situations in pursuit of knowledge. Risk assessments provide the enabling foundation for any work. Safer Edge provides independent, comprehensive, tailored risk assessments for upcoming trips and fieldwork based on the people travelling and the task being undertaken.

Risk Assessment Review
Understanding and analysing risk worldwide is a daunting task. Let our risk experts provide you with an independent view on risk assessments you receive from staff and students. Our reviews provide insights and information specific to the location, task, and people travlling as well as specific, practical mitigation measures to consider.

Risk Assessment Workshops & Courses
Competence is the cornerstone of risk assessment. Are your staff and students competent to evaluate risks?  We tailor courses, based on your institution’s safety framework, and train participants to identify risks and methods that reduce those risks.

Personal Security Training
Knowing how to prevent and respond to dangers while travelling can be a matter of life and death. Safer Edge provides travel security and remote first aid training enabling participants with both the knowledge to keep themselves safe and the confidence to use it. 

System Audit 
Building and maintaining a travel risk management system can be a daunting task. Our experienced team conduct comprehensive system audits to help institutions identify where they have gaps and recommend tools and processes that will reduce risk exposure.  

University of Brighton: Increasing risk assessment quality through training

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