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 Safer Edge provides 
 innovative risk 
 solutions for social 
 sector organisations.  

Training and support for those working in the region

Ukraine Invasion Rapid Response


 Safeguarding support in Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian languages

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Safer Edge e-Learn

All our e-learning courses are:

  • 80% cost-savings on traditional security courses

  • Available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic

  • Externally certified

  • Available for download

  • Support donor carbon reduction targets

  • Diverse and inclusive in content, imagery and language

  • Discounted for groups

Courses Include:

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Stay safe in challenging environments

23 modules, 14 hours | Read more

Security Management

Learn to manage security in social sector organisations

6 modules, 9 hours | Read more

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International Travel Security

Become a safe international traveller

10 modules, 4 hours | Read more

Women's Security for Everyone

Learn about security through a gender lens

17 modules, 8 hours | Read more

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Achieving Carbon Reduction

Learn how to meet carbon reduction targets in humanitarian and development work

5 modules, 2 hours | Read more

Crisis Management Training

Annual training for the Crisis Management Team

6 modules, 2 1/2 hours | Read more

All About E-Learning

what we do


we go beyond traditional ‘training’ to help people master the skills necessary to be safe and effective no matter where they’re working

risk advisory

we work with organisations to create assessments, audits, system design and review and provide advice on risk policy and practice


we help organisations get ahead of their safeguarding risks through courses, consultancy, training and mentoring

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about us

Safer Edge is a women-led, risk management company committed to helping social sector organisations work safely through security training, safeguarding and risk management advice. 


Working since 2002, we believe in equitable security using an intersectional approach and collaborative implementation. This means that no one is safe until everyone is safe


We are leaders in security and safeguarding e-learning and help people in high-risk locations - whether that is across the street or around the world.  

We want to support you in addressing and reducing risk - safety, security and safeguarding - while  complying with legal requirements. Our approach is affordable, inclusive and proactive. 

what we value


We empower people and organisations to work safely and prevent harm. 


We bring a unique perspective to solving problems.

Our team is diverse in race, nationality, gender and sexual orientation and inclusive in thought and action.

inclusivity &


respect & professionalism

We work with clients who share our commitment to professionalism and respect.


We enjoy working together and the work that we do.


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