Getting ahead of your safeguarding risks


a free seminar

for international development organisations


Thursday, 03 May 2018

9.30 - 11.00am

The Foundry

17 Oval Way | London | SE11 5RR

Why investigations?

Effective safeguarding is a priority for organisations in international development with public commitments to increase resources.


What is the best way to use your resources? Begin with investigations...



Traditional approaches to safeguarding tend to rely on those targeted for abuse, or an observer, speaking up. However, the average time for a survivor of sexual abuse to speak out is 22 years after the last incident of abuse. Placing sole emphasis on people coming forward to report runs serious risks of missing or deterring misconduct. Sexual harassment, violence, exploitation and other safeguarding risks can be invisible until the damage is done.


Relying solely on complainants reporting doesn’t sit well with the values and commitments of international NGOs. Having people well trained and capable of proactively investigating safeguarding issues – spotting triggers, identifying behaviours, as well as competently responding to concerns – is vital for organisations. 

Seminar Content

This free seminar is for organisations who want to know more about meeting the investigations requirements announced at the DFID & Charity Commission’s Safeguarding Summit held in March 2018.   



  • Pros and cons of current approaches

  • Proactive safeguarding – how to better deter, protect and investigate

  • Embedding safeguarding risk mitigation in your organisation

  • Best practice and innovative investigation techniques in safeguarding risks

Speakers & Format

The seminar will be led by Safer Edge’s Investigations Expert, Andrew Thomson and will include the opportunity to ask questions both anonymously beforehand and in person. Safer Edge, CEO, Kelsey Hoppe will be hosting the seminar and addressing questions related to security practice in safeguarding risk. Christine Williamson, Director and Founder of Duty of Care International will also be present to support questions related to duty of care. Attendees will be able to share thoughts and experience under Chatham House rules as well as have the opportunity to network with others responsible for safeguarding afterwards.

Andrew has nearly 20 years experience running successful global investigations in the UK and overseas. He has worked with international organisations and the EU and UN on investigative techniques and strategic change in security. A recognised expert in his field,  Andrew has given briefings and conferences in Europe, North America, SE Asia, East Asia and S. America.

Kelsey is an organisational security specialist who helps organisations understand their risk and mitigate their risks in ways that are congruent with their vision, mission and culture. She has worked in internationally for over 20 years and including leading and coordinating in humanitarian responses in Darfur, Sudan, South Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Ukraine. 

Future Events

Safer Edge will be holding a two-day, intensive investigations course in London at the end of May and attendees will be given more details. If you are not able to attend but would like more information on the course, please email:

Register Now

Space is limited and will be designated on a first come, first serve basis. Registration closes on 30 April 2018. 


Safeguarding in humanitarian organisations: a practical look at prevention and response

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