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Childfund Safe Driver Payment

Childfund Safe Driver Payment


Safe Driver Training is an engaging, interactive, 2-hour e-learning course available to professionals no matter where they are in the world. The course is specifically designed for areas where emergency services may be lacking or where drivers seldom receive any training. 


Safe Driver Training includes: 

  • Safe driving techniques
  • Travel and trip preparation
  • Vehicle checks
  • Vehicle control
  • Parking safely
  • Convoy protocols
  • Aggressive driving
  • Managing breakdowns
  • Checkpoint safety
  • Carjacking
  • Weather & road obstacles
  • Managing a road traffic accident


Safe Driver Training was created by a women-led, Learning and Development Team with over 30 years experience in hostile or high-risk contexts including: Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Ukraine. The online version is packed with learner engagement including realistic, real-world scenarios, actionable tips and hand-picked resources. Completion of the course enables organisations to evidence duty of care for drivers.


All Safer Edge courses provide a learner journey framework which guides learners through the modules and sessions, inclusive and diverse pictures and languages, a trauma-sensitive approach, knowledge checks for learning, options to repeat segments, a learner manual and a certificate at the conclusion.

    6 610,50£Prix
    TVA Incluse
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