Mitigating risk in public-facing events and services

Safer Edge CEO, Kelsey Hoppe, was asked to contribute expert advice to the April 2019 of, Stir It Up, a monthly magazine for the catering industry. She discusses how organisations can prepare well for their security and safeguarding risks - both internal and external - at public events. The full article may be read below or online here. It's every hospitality business owner’s worst nightmare: a terrorist, a disgruntled employee, or a lone extremist walks into a venue and begins attacking staff and members of the public. In security risk management, we refer to this type of event as a ‘marauding’ attack and everyone who puts staff in venues accessible to the public has likely considered how t

Watching Sudan: A Personal Perspective

Fatma Eljack, Safer Edge’s Senior Programme Manager for Learning, reflects on the changes enveloping her country. Fatma Eljack grew up in Khartoum, Sudan. In 2004, after attaining a degree in chemistry, she joined the International Committee for the Red Cross / Red Crescent (ICRC) and began her career in humanitarian aid. After a decade of work in Sudan, Iraq, Jordan, Libya and Liberia she joined Safer Edge as the Senior Programme Manager for Learning. Here, we talk to her about her fascinating career path and bringing her unique perspective to the field of risk management. Describe to us your path from working with ICRC in Khartoum to working with us here in London. I initially worked with

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