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risk advisory

We specialise in risk advisory services for the social sector. Our advisory services are specifically designed to complement the objectives and values of INGOs, charities, foundations, universities and other organisations working in humanitarian aid and development.

We do not take a 'one size fits all' approach to risk mitigation. All our services are designed to help you take responsibility for mitigating risk without compromising who you are or what you do.

recent projects

Expert risk assessments and risk assessment reviews for academic research in high-risk locations.

Design, implementation and training on country security plans in French in Burkina Faso, Burundi, and DRC. 

Building tailored country security plans for work inrural DRC, CAR, and Burundi

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Global, annual audits of country security risk management systems and practice.

Risk assessing national road travel and learning events in rural Nigeria.

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organisational review

Policy and planning is never finished. Every organisation is constantly updating and changing their policies, plans and systems to reflect the changing global contexts and how the organisation works.


Safer Edge provides expertise to help you consider and revise your policies, plans and procedures. We help growing organisations construct and professionalise new systems. We provide capacity building support to national offices and employees helping them to build safety and security functions. We conduct in-depth security audits using surveys, interviews and inspections, producing detailed reports with prioritised recommendations. Audits can include specific post-incident investigations.

organisational review

risk assessments for programmes and travel

Our data analysts draw on access to open source, privileged and academic information to provide the latest risk assessments in countries across the globe. We create each assessment bespoke for you, focusing on the type of work you're undertaking and the specific in-country regions you are working in.

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travel and context support

Whether setting up an office in a new location, sending staff or students on a field trip, or needing ongoing information about a certain location, our analysts can provide in-depth advice on how you can operate safely.


These include:

  • Context feasibility assessments

  • Travel briefings

  • Risk assessments

  • Weekly security updates

  • Arrival briefings

  • Emergency point of contact in country

travel and context support

online and cyber risk

Cyber security is a growing vulnerability for NGOs and charities where financial data, operations, staff, beneficiaries and donors are all at threat. Cyber security practices in the sector fall far behind nearly every other buisiness area with only 53% of organisations seeing cyber as a priority compared to 74% in other sectors. We can help with:

  • Cyber security: organisations are targeted by criminals, activists and governments. We can help you adopt mitigations against these threats through policies, training and awareness.

  • Online safety: human rights campaigners, lawyers, activists and journalists need strong online safety procedures to avoid being compromised. We have in-depth expertise on how to operate safely in hostile environments.

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online and cyber risk

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