Understanding your duty of care in security practice

Duty of care is a complex topic and one that is being discussed and evaluated more closely than ever. Employers have a legal responsibility to take reasonable care for the health and safety of their employees, contractors and sub-contractors wherever they are working or travelling.

The current global environment presents countless challenges to those seeking to engage in aid provision, international development and overseas research. The emergence of new conflict dynamics, targeting of those with ‘Western’ affiliations, and an increased frequency of natural disaster events continues to obstruct project work and threaten employee safety.

Knowing your legal obligations regarding the duty of careas well as being able to systematically reduce the risks faced, is essential for protecting the interests of any institution working in such environments. By implementing an enabling risk management system you may also be able to increase your ability to implement projects and increasing your productivity and your reputation.

At Safer Edge, our aim is to support your institution in addressing safety and security risks faced and to help you comply with legal requirements. One way this can be achieved is through an enhanced Risk Management System tailored to integrate with your existing ways of working and complimentary to your organisational structure and culture.

We've created a brief, 6-page white paper that you can read here which will give you more detail on our approach to Duty of Care and ways in which you can enhance your organisation's knowledge and provision.

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