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First Aid Kit Guide and Checklist

Our guide to packing the right first aid kit

Don't leave it to chance.

Get your first aid kit up to scratch.

This 8 page PDF answers our most popular question - Which first aid kit should i have?

This guide covers:

Do you even need a first aid kit?
Do you need a small one? or a large one?
What do you actually need inside it?
Do I know how to use everything in there?
Woman in Pain
First Aid Kit
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Use this as a comprehensive checklist, with tips and advice along the way to ensure that you're considering all the common variables when packing your kit. 

Download the PDF now:

The guide helps you to plan the right kit for your own circumstances.

Using the following stages:

  1. Basic first aid kit - no matter who you are or where you're going

  2. Pack the right items for the location you are travelling to. 

  3. Specialist items you've been trained to use


Includes advice on:​

  • how to 'build' the right kit

  • The 19 'basics' every kit should have

  • Personalised items

  • Specialist items

"What to take and what to leave behind."

Our comprehensive checklist - just £2.00


Aaron D

I downloaded this checklist before my trip to Kenya and it gave me peace of mind that I'd considered everything.

Arthur B

This is a must have if you're travelling abroad - these guys are experts in safe travel and 'they've got the t-shirt'.

Orla S

I was going to take a huge first aid kit because I just didn't know what I might need. Thank god I didn't, my bag was heavy enough already!

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