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IPPF ReHEAT 5 courses with 10% discount

The Refresher Hostile Environment Awareness Training, or ReHEAT, course has been created for people who have previously completed a HEAT course online or in person.

HEAT provides key safety and security training both for those new to working in high-risk environments and for those with years of experience, but we know that learning expires- especially learning that isn't used often. ReHEAT refreshes the topics covered in HEAT, and incorporates some situations and activities that even the most experienced may find challenging.

ReHEAT is composed of 10 mandatory modules and 9 knowledge-checked modules, which use an initial quiz to determine whether the learner needs to complete the module to refresh their knowledge. Completing all 19 modules takes around 14 hours, and the learner can choose to complete a module even if they pass the quiz.


Available in multiple languages, this online course is filled with learner engagements like quizzes, scenarios, activities and a range of media. Learners can progress through the course independently, or join a group which moves through the content together with a Safer Edge specialist.

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