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2024 Election Preparation Courses

In 2024 65 countries will be holding elections- the largest election year in history. Many of these elections could involve civil unrest or political, ethnic and religious violence.

It's important to plan now to ensure international, humanitarian and development programmes and staff are kept safe. Safer Edge has put together a free election preparation guide and developed three short training courses for organisations and their staff, designed to be as accessible and affordable as possible so that all staff can stay safe.
See these courses below.

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Choose from our 3 specially-developed courses below, or view our full range of courses here.


All Staff Safety & Security During Elections

30 min
  • Why elections can be dangerous and what to look out for
  • Different forms of civil unrest
  • Trigger events
  • Personal safety during election periods and while voting
  • Election period preparations (tear gas, sheltering (hibernation), withdrawing)
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Election Safety for Programme Managers

1 hour
  • Election contingency planning
  • Monitoring political developments (including maintaining organisational neutrality)
  • Staff safety during elections (including staff travel and higher risk individuals)
  • Programme hibernation or withdrawal

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Safety & Security for Election Staff & Volunteers

2 hours
  • Physical site safety
  • Monitoring the political environment
  • Corruption & election interference
  • Voter intimidation
  • Violence at polling stations
  • Civil unrest

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