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Safe Driver Training

Build Safety Skills

Driving training for social sector organisations
2 hours | 8 modules
Safe Driver Training is an engaging, interactive, 2-hour e-learning course available to professionals no matter where they are in the world. The course is specifically designed for areas where emergency services may be lacking or where drivers seldom receive any training. 

Course Contents

  • Safe driving techniques
  • Travel and trip preparation
  • Vehicle checks
  • During Travel (Vehicle control, parking safely, convoy protocols, aggressive driving, managing breakdowns)
  • Checkpoint safety
  • Carjacking
  • Weather & road obstacles
  • Managing a road traffic accident
Safe Driver Training Learner Journey.png

Enrol in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese


Online: £50

Group discounts available

Register & pay online. Participants will receive log-in and complete the course at their own pace. 

Discounts for fleet purchases


En ligne: £50

Réductions pour les groupes disponibles

Inscrivez-vous et payez en ligne. Les participants recevront un identifiant et pourront suivre le cours à leur propre rythme.

Remises pour les achats de flottes


En línea: £50

Descuentos para grupos

Inscríbase y pague en línea. Los participantes se conectarán y completarán el curso a su propio ritmo.

Descuentos por compra de flotas


Em linha: £50

Descontos para grupos

Registo e pagamento online. Os participantes receberão o login e concluirão o curso ao seu próprio ritmo.

Descontos para compras de frotas

How does online driver training differ from face-to-face training?
Drivers rarely have access to face-to-face training, and when they do, it is not tailored to social sector organisations. Driver training e-learning focuses on skills that can be taught through e-learning that would be face-to-face if delivered in person. Safer Edge has trained thousands of humanitarian and development professionals through e-learning since 2020. Our Learning and Development team worked hard to maintain all the required learning objectives while making the course more accessible and inclusive.


I have a very poor internet connection. Can I still take the course?
Yes! Using our iOS and Android apps, participants can download the course modules when they have access to internet, complete it offline and their progress will automatically sync when they reconnect to the internet.
What is e-learning?
Online training is a specific type of online learning in which participants can engage in the course through quizzes, activities, scenarios and various media. Online training is different from distance learning (e.g. via Skype or Zoom) and online videos or slides.
Our organisation would like to enrol a large number of staff. How do we do that? 
If your organisation has 5 or more people you wish to register for a course, we can easily register them in bulk. We offer discounts for all groups over 5. Contact Safer Edge directly at to register or learn more. 
How long do I have to complete the course?
We realise that different people learn at different speeds and each of us will have different circumstances which influence how quickly we can complete the course. We encourage everyone to the course within a month. However, each course purchased will remain on Safer Edge Learn for a year. 
Our drivers have varied literacy levels and English isn't their first language. Can they still use e-learning?
Absolutely! We designed Safe Driver Training to be engaging and interactive for a variety of literacy levels. While participants will need to be literate, the learning is mainly auditory and visual to suit varied language and literacy ability. 

About Us

Safer Edge is a UK-based, risk management company that works exclusively with social sector organisations like non-profits, charities, the UN, NGOs, and foundations. Safer Edge is a leading supplier of HEAT courses.

Course Creation

Online Safe Driver Learning was created by a multi-lingual women-led Learning and Development team with over 50 years cumulative international travel and security experience. All Safer Edge courses provide a learner framework which guides students through the modules, inclusive and diverse content, trauma-sensitive approach, knowledge checks for learning and the option to repeat segments.

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