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our approach is different.

Safer Edge believes that individual and organisational security can be enhanced through an inclusive and integrated approach. This means that the safety and security of the individual is inextricably linked to the security of the organisation and vice versa. Safety and security cannot be siloed and has to be integrated in pursuit of the group's mission or vision. Good security then becomes an enabler rather than a restriction. 

For this to happen, all staff must be involved in both the design and delivery of safety and security and that security must be an integral part of programme design from the outset. While security is a critical component of Duty of Care there are many others so an inclusive and integrated approach contributes to meeting legal requirements, sustainability, adaptive and responsive programming which makes organisations safer in achieving their aims. 


our expertise is different.

Kelsey Hoppe


Andrew Thomson

Director of Programme Design & Engagement

Fatma Eljack

Senior Programme Manager

Ana Maria Oteanu

Senior Programme Manager


Director of Operations

Julia Thomson

Finance and Operations

Kelsey Fraser

Programme Officer

Paul Herridge

Global Security Advisor

Lucie Truchetet
Security Officer

Safer Edge is comprised of professional practitioners with field experience who understand both the theory and practice of operating in a complex global environment. We have worked in emergency responses, war zones, civil conflicts and civil disturbances as well as in developing countries.

Being experts in our fields helps us bring learning and engagement alive as we introduce real-life scenarios which could be faced. Our facilitators and consultants are continually learning and re-certifying. We adhere to the Code of Best Practice, People in Aid 2003 (now CHS Aliiance).

Although based in the UK and Europe, our core team speak a variety of languages including English, Arabic, Russian, French and Spanish and regularly deploy anywhere in the world. Training can be delivered in English, French and Spanish or into any local language with translation. We have worked around the globe- on every continent and in both rural and urban contexts. 

our clients are different.

While Safer Edge works with a breadth of organisations they all have one thing in common- they are good people attempting great things in difficult places. This includes everything from humanitarian and development NGOs, to academics conducting research and leading field teams, to journalists and human rights activists. We have worked with some of the world's largest foundations and trusts to small, field-based mission organisations- and everything inbetween. 

"Very effective training which empowers rather than intimidates."

Rob William CEO

“Safer Edge has been instrumental in the success of our three evaluation missions to date. They have been extremely responsive and flexible, enabling us to mobilise the team at short notice, and remain operational in a volatile security environment. Their staff and consultants are highly competent and pleasant to work with. Safer Edge are a trusted partner in our high-risk missions. ”

Nora Lonscar 

ICF Consultant

"The services provided to the University by Safer Edge are invaluable in enabling us to undertake robust risk assessment for our staff and student activities abroad."

Dr Martin Vinnell

Health, Safety and Regulated Services

"The involvement of Safer Edge in the development of security management plans and procedures helped us ground our approach within the best practise in the development sector." 

Simon Mills

Nigeria Stability & Reconciliation Programme

"Thank you to Safer Edge for providing us with an excellent, well thought out and, well-executed course. Personally I arrived with considerable trepidation but am leaving in the knowledge that both my team and I will be much better equipped when out in the field, enabling our organisational mission to reach every last child."

Veesh Xavier Sharma

Director of Global Assurance

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