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Group discounts for 5 or more participants

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Online Courses

We focus on learning, not training.
We equip people with the skills and tools they need to stay safe and the confidence to use them. 

Our courses are

Affordable, accessible and inclusive

Perfect for aid workers, development professionals, diplomats, diplomats, donors, academics and journalists 

Suitable for national and international staff

CPD accredited-course with certificate upon completion

Available in multiple languages

Available for 12 months from the time of enrolment

Used by social sector organisations around the world.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Stay safe in challenging environments

23 modules
14 hours
Refresher Hostile Environment Awareness Training

A refresher course for those who have previously completed HEAT

19 modules
14 hours
Personal Security

Personal security training for LGBTQ+ people & organisations

8 modules
5 hours
2024 Election Preparation Courses

Plan ahead to keep staff safe during 2024's many elections

Disability and Security Training

Ensure your workplace is safe for those living with disabilities

4 modules
45 mins
Women's Security for Everyone

Learn about security through a gender lens

17 modules
8 hours
Achieving Carbon Reduction

Learn how to meet carbon reduction targets in humanitarian and development work

5 modules
2 hours
International Travel Security

Become a safe international traveller

10 modules
4 hours
Crisis Management Training

Annual training for the Crisis Management Team

6 modules
2.5 hours
Security Management

Learn to manage security in social sector organisations

6 modules
9 hours
Looking for a bespoke course?
We can help to tailor a course to your exact needs. 
Safe Driver Training

Safe driver training for social sector organisations

8 modules
2 hours

How our courses work


Add your chosen course to your basket, and then follow our secure checkout process. 


Log in to Safer Edge Learn
You will receive an email with your login to our e-learning portal, Safer Edge Learn. You can access this through any computer browser or download the app for Android and iOS devices. Content is downloadable so you can continue learning offline, and progress is saved as you go.

If you purchase a blended learning course, you will be asked to choose the dates for your remote sessions with a Safer Edge facilitator.


Complete the course
Once you have completed the course you will receive your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate.

Why learn online?

The COVID-19 pandemic provided the safety and security sector with the opportunity to re-think how we train people who work in some of the most difficult environments in the world. 

For too long, security courses have been out-of-step with the humanitarian and development sector and not reflective of our values. We believe that online security courses provide organisations with a tremendous opportunity to take steps toward equitable security while continuing to fulfil their duty of care.

Traditional, in-person security courses are expensive, require time out of work, travel costs, are only available to specific staff at certain times. This has meant that most organisations are providing a gold standard service to a handful of employees while those who face the sharpest end of risk receive little-to-no training or training not contextualised to their location or language.
Online learning enables organisations to provide high-standard training to all of their employees no matter where they are located and to do it affordably. 

Download and read Humanitarian Outcomes' Aid Work Security Report 2023, which considers the development of security training and the benefits of online courses.

... some staff are questioning whether the old model of HEAT is obsolete, particularly when online courses are not only more accessible to frontline aid workers who are most in need of training -often nationals- but also more logistically flexible, financially viable and adaptable.

Aid Worker Security Report 2023,
Humanitarian Outcomes

What people say about our courses

"The interactive and imagination-inducing content is so practical and relatable to our every day situations as a social development worker. To my surprise the course is already updated to include pandemic and digital security. It's spot on, situation-theory-response, and realistic in a way that really helps those of us who work in preventing conflict and violent extremism."

"The design of the course [HEAT] is so stunning that I told my friends about it. I liked best that it is very interactive and that the format of information changes keeping attention high. This is an extraordinary course." 

"As a woman, this was the most inclusive and respectful HEAT I've taken."

"Very happy to have a great course at a reasonable cost rather than having to do an expensive residential one."

"I really appreciated the emphasis on checking-in with your emotions. The regular reminders that there will be emotional outcomes, not just physical/ practical to threatening/ dangerous situations was extremely helpful and reassuring!"

"I liked that the course was women-led and had situations specifically designed for women. I liked that it was evidence-based and had a mix of information and examples."

Tailored Courses

When equipping your people with safety and security tools not all courses are created equal. Every organisation is different. Your mission, vision, values, where you work and who you work with will all impact the skills and tools your staff need. Threats vary according to region and culture demands that teaching is context specific. 
Our experts will work with you to tailor courses to the needs of your organisation no matter where in the world you're working.

Read more on our Build Your Own Course  page and submit your requirements for a course tailored to your needs. 
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