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We equip people with the skills and tools they need to stay safe and the confidence to use them. 




Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is an intensive four-day residential course designed for those whose work takes them to challenging, remote or hostile regions.  Read More


A demanding five-day, residential HEAT course with integrated psychologist oversight and support giving participants tools to work in hostile environments where they will like encounter violence and traumatic situations.  Read More

Advanced Personal Security

A three-day course delivered in location with two full days of personal security and one full day of field (remote) first aid. Suitable for those travelling to medium-to-high risk contexts. Read More

International Travel Security

A one-day course delivered in location for people who travel independently or with an organisation to low-to-medium risk countries. Perfect for students, academics, or other short-term travellers.  Read More

Security & Crisis Management

Every organisation needs a security and crisis management plan. This four-day, course delivered in location teaches staff how to create, complete and activate these plans successfully.  Read More


“As an aid worker regularly visiting insecure locations for up to a few months at a time, I found this course useful and highly relevant. I really valued the opportunities to practice the skills I learnt in a supportive environment- knowing I can make safe a firearm and handle catastrophic bleeding without fainting is very reassuring! The course was comprehensive and clearly structured, with opportunities to re-cap to make sure I actually retained what I was learning. The instructors were knowledgable and sensitive- they know first-hand the way I work and the challenges I face, and it was great to hear and learn from their experience. At the end of the course I felt much more confident and well-prepared...”

Cat Mahoney

Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for West Africa and Great Lakes, CAFOD

"The Safer Edge scenario training was fantastic. It was highly realistic and put the team under pressure to reveal the cracks that need filling."

Matt Graydon

Media Director, ICF-GHK

"We chose Safer Edge because of their length of experience, knowledge of the countries we travel to and existing client base, but also because they are able to tailor a course to our exact requirements. The material was presented in easy-to-understand formats supported by visual aids and scenario-based role play with immediate debriefs. All the instructors were extremely knowledgable with real life experience; while the subject matter was sobering the instruction was made enjoyable and you were left with a sense of confidence to be able to deal with the unexpected."

Angus MacAskill


Want to know what it's like to participate in one of our courses?

Watch this short video for an inside peek at a HEAT course. 


open course schedule

Nov 09, 2020

5 days - Oxfordshire

HI-HEAT Course - UK (9-13 Nov 20)

​HI-HEAT is specifically designed for organisations and individuals who are living and working in challenging, hostile or remote environments and expect to deal with violent or traumatic incidences. This course both covers everything taught in a HEAT course but integrates psychological support and coping throughout its learning as well as having an extended field. 

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When equipping your people with safety and security tools not all courses are created equal. Every organisation is different. Your mission, vision, values, where you work and who you work with will all impact the skills and tools your staff need. Threats vary according to region and culture demands that teaching is context specific. 

Our experts will work with you to tailor courses to the needs of your organisation and we can deliver the training on the ground no matter where in the world you're working. People learn best in their own language and our teachers have experience in delivering in English, French, and Spanish as well as working with translators to ensure understanding. 

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