International Travel Security

International Travel Security is a special, one-day security preparedness course for individuals who will be travelling abroad. The course focuses on enabling individuals to understand context awareness and cultural sensitivity along with information gathering and analysis to make themselves safer. It is well suited for the staff of any organisation who travel whether on fieldwork, research, to conferences, career or trade fairs, or on summer trips. Individuals who have taken the course previously including: researchers, students, volunteers, holiday-goers, and staff of NGOs who travel short-term with the organisation. 

What you'll learn - a course overview

Participants will learn:

  • Pre-travel research & planning

  • Analysing and assessing risk in your destination location

  • Where to find information

  • What to pack - appropriate kit and essential supplies - including checklists

  • Safety & Security in Travel

  • Avoiding travel scams

  • Selecting safe accommodation

  • What to consider on arrival