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RTI online HEAT Course - Hostile Environment Awareness Training

RTI online HEAT Course - Hostile Environment Awareness Training

SKU: HEAT e-learning (Sept 2022)



Safer Edge is a leading provider of in-person Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses having trained thousands of humanitarian and development professionals, journalists, UN and donor personnel over the past eight years.


Online HEAT is an exciting opportunity to take a 4-day, in-person residential course in an engaging 14-hour online format. This makes the course available to professionals no matter where they are in the world. HEAT is designed for those whose work takes them to challenging, remote or high risk regions. In areas of poor governance, conflict and natural disaster, sexual violence, kidnap, carjacking, robbery and assault are very real dangers. Access to medical facilities can be limited.


The HEAT Learner Journey includes:

  • Context & Risk Assessment: how to construct and interpret a risk assessment, security strategies, mitigation measures
  • Personal Profile & Mitigation: understanding the impact of our personal characteristics, behaviours and capabilities in enhancing or constraining our safety
  • Travel Planning & Road Traffic Accidents: Preparing to be safe, pre-departure planning, road traffic accidents, safety in modes of transport and accommodation
  • Managing Checkpoints: how are checkpoints dangerous? Checkpoint security, safely navigating checkpoints
  • Carjacking: when & where carjackings occur, common tactics used, what to do in the event of a carjacking
  • Digital Security: safe use of internet and devices, commons scams and hacks
  • Remote Communication: introduction to remote communications and their use (VHF, HF, Satellite Phones, R/BGAN)
  • Health & Emergency Care: approach, asse