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Disability and Security

Disability and Security

In the past, security training has marginalised different communities, including people living with disabilities. Advice and standard operating procedures have not considered how environments can disable people and produced guidance which is ableist and creates barriers to effective working.


Disability and Security is composed of 4 modules incorporating situations and activities designed to help staff living with disabilities at all levels in an organisation work safely and securely. It also provides manager, programme designers and security focal points with information to help recognise and avoid ableism in programmes and security advice, mitigation and training.


Learners can progress through the course independently, or join a group which moves through the content together with a Safer Edge specialist.


The course is 45 mins of interactive e-learning which includes learner engagements like quizzes, scenarios, activities and a range of media.


Course Contents

Disability basics

Disableism, Ableism, and Security

Assessing Security in Work & Travel

Stress & Resilience

    VAT Included
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