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Election Safety for Programme Managers

Election Safety for Programme Managers

SKU: Election Safety for PMs (Jan 2024)

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This course was created for those who manage projects or programmes during elections periods. It is a one hour, e-learning course. It covers the fundamentals of contingency planning as well as how to monitor changing political developments. We also cover organisational neutrality and how to maintain it. We address staff safety and identifying and safeguarding higher risk individuals. Finally, we cover how to approach programme management or withdrawal.


Election Safety for Programme Managers includes: 

  • Understanding Election Dangers
  • Risks to Programming During Elections
  • Elections Contingency Planning
  • Monitoring Developments
  • Staff Safety During Election
  • Programme Hibernation & Withdrawal


This e-learning course is also available in other languages


Election Safety for Programme Managers was created by a women-led, Learning and Development Team with over 30 years experience in hostile or high-risk contexts including: Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Ukraine. The online version is packed with learner engagement including realistic, real-world scenarios, actionable tips and hand-picked resources. Completion of the course enables organisations to evidence duty of care for staff during election periods. 


All Safer Edge courses provide a learner journey framework which guides learners through the modules and sessions, inclusive and diverse pictures and languages, a trauma-sensitive approach, knowledge checks for learning, options for repeating segments, and a course certificate. 

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