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Affordable, accessible and inclusive security courses online

Comprehensive range of courses in multiple languages

80% cost-saving compared to traditional security courses

Diversive and inclusive

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We are Safer Edge

Safer Edge is a women-led risk management company committed to helping social sector organisations work safely through security training, safeguarding and risk management advice.  
Working since 2002, we believe in equitable security using an intersectional approach and collaborative implementation. This means that no one is safe until everyone is safe. 
We work with organisations to create assessments, audits, system design and review and provide advice on risk policy and practice.


We go beyond traditional ‘training’ to help people master the skills necessary to be safe and effective no matter where they’re working.
We help organisations get ahead of their safeguarding risks through courses, consultancy, training and mentoring.

Our Courses

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Stay safe in challenging environments

23 modules
14 hours
Safe Driver Training

Safe driver training for social sector organisations

8 modules
2 hours
Security Management

Learn to manage security in social sector organisations

6 modules
9 hours
Women's Security for Everyone

Learn about security through a gender lens

17 modules
8 hours
International Travel Security

Become a safe international traveller

10 modules
4 hours
Crisis Management Training

Annual training for the Crisis Management Team

6 modules
2.5 hours
Achieving Carbon Reduction

Learn how to meet carbon reduction targets in humanitarian and development work

5 modules
2 hours
Looking for a bespoke course?

We can help to tailor a course to your exact needs. 

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