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3 E-learning Case Studies

Here's how three different organizations used e-learning to improve their duty of care for safety and security. Each organization is unique, emphasizing the flexibility and affordability that e-learning provides.



Organisation 1 is a global health NGO working in 6 countries with approximately 114 employees.

Current spend

£18,250 per year

People trained

~35 per year

Their goal in transitioning to e-learning was to develop a 2-hour personal security training course that was completely customized to their organization (including branding, policies and procedures, scenarios, and case studies). They required instruction in both English and French. Because the organization has its own learning management system (LMS), the training would be hosted in-house and available to any employee, consultant, or partner who needed it. They anticipated that the training would be valid for three years before needing to be updated or changed.


We tailored Safer Edge content to the organization, working with their security manager, HR, and learning and development specialist, adding organization branding, policies, procedures, and practice throughout.

  • We were able to develop specific case studies with their project teams that reflect real risks that staff face on a regular basis because of the specialized medical work and procurement they do.

  • Where it differed from standard guidance, information on specific country risks was included.

  • The course was created in English before being translated into French.

The total cost of moving to e-learning was £4,950 more than their current annual spend, but over the course's three-plus year validity, they will save £68,050, or £22,683 per year. The e-learning course also meant that they could provide security training on-demand whenever they hired a new employee, started working with a new partner, or deployed a consultant. Total time from contract to delivery? 10 weeks.

Total cost

Increase in # trained

Total savings over 3 years


79 people


TL:DR E-learning allows you to train more people in more languages while spending less money than traditional courses. Over time, a larger initial investment can provide a massive cost-saving and increase in people trained.



Organisation 2 is a human rights organisation working in 22 countries with approximately 550 employees.

Current spend

£58,000 per year

People trained

~124 per year

Their goal was to find off-the-shelf security e-learning that could be customized into a 6-hour personal security course that was tailored to the organization's policies and included an additional module on global risks to human rights workers. They required the course in five different languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic). While they wanted to keep their course exclusive to their employees, they lacked an LMS and needed it to be hosted elsewhere. They plan to use the course for at least five years.


We collaborated with the Head of HR and Security Manager to develop a personal security e-learning course that could be hosted on Safer Edge Learn using off-the-shelf content from Safer Edge that was already designed for social sector organizations. One of the organization's goals was to drastically reduce their training budget while retaining or increasing the number of trained employees, so they chose to pay for course customization once and then a fee each time an employee accessed the course on Safer Edge Learn. The course was written in English before being translated into French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. Total time from contract to delivery? 16 weeks.

Total cost

Increase in # trained

Total savings over 5 years

£18,200 course design & delivery + £112 per person

~176 people


TL:DR You can have an e-learning course designed and ready for your staff using Safer Edge's large library of safety and security modules and learning management system. Then, projects or country offices can pay on-demand when needed.



Organisation 3 is an international humanitarian NGO working in over 50 countries with over 10,000 employees.

Their goal was to find off-the-shelf, publicly available hostile environment e-learning, security management training, crisis management training, and carbon risk reduction training in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. The organization wanted to broaden their training offerings beyond the in-person courses that were previously only available to a subset of their staff in the United States, Europe, and some English and French-speaking countries. They were also looking for training that reflected their humanitarian, inclusivity, and diversity values.


Working with the organization, we developed a framework agreement under which any country office can access any Safer Edge e-learning course on-demand with budget holder approval. We provide monthly reporting on course completions as well as information on overall annual security training spending to the global HQ. To provide additional cost savings, some country offices make group purchases of e-learning at the beginning of each budget period, and we monitor their use to ensure that all trainings are completed within the required time frame.

TL:DR Safer Edge's inclusive and diverse e-learning solutions can provide a reliable training partner to expand the organisation's ability to train globally while monitoring budget and course completions.


These are just three examples of hundreds of organizations that have collaborated with Safer Edge to create e-learning that provides them with the affordable, flexible and accessible training they need. Could e-learning benefit your organisation? We'd love to talk with you and work together to find the best solution. Email us at


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