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Top 5 Safety and Security E-Learning FAQs

Safer Edge launched Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) for humanitarian and development organisations in November 2021. Since then, thousands of professionals from hundreds of organisations around the world have completed the course in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. This engagement has given us insight into the top 5 questions people most frequently ask about safety and security e-learning. Here are our answers:



Security e-learning or in-person training, which is better?

This is the question we get asked most often but it’s impossible to answer as it depend on what needs to be taught, to whom, where and the organisation’s objectives for the training. Both e-learning and in-person training can be amazing…or terrible.

If the organisation’s objective is to provide the best possible security training in the most accessible and affordable way then e-learning has some benefits over in-person training. Namely because e-learning is less expensive and can go where in-person training can’t. E-learning can be used to teach most topics at a basic-to-intermediate level. Practice and simulation are required for more complex topics like evacuating a plane or performing surgery but even these traditionally begin with