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Six Security Tips for NGOs Renting Vehicles

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NGO Landcruiser driving across desert hills of sand. Safety and Security is a key consideration in renting vehicles.

For NGOs and their employees, safety and security when working and travelling abroad is a necessity. Although many NGOs will have access to their own vehicles and operate their own fleets, rental cars are widely available and have several benefits.

Rental vehicles provide NGOs with a good, relatively inexpensive and flexible way to meet their transport needs. This does not mean they are without drawbacks, however. Often, contracts with rental vehicles vendors are poorly negotiated and recorded, leading to issues such as additional expenditure by the NGO and even lawsuits. In addition, rental vehicles might not be available to the NGO’s required standard that NGOs and their drivers are often not properly trained or understand how NGOs operate.

At Safer Edge, we work with both humanitarian and development NGOs who rent vehicles and have discovered six security that all NGOs should consider. But first, a case study: