28 May 2019

 Safer Edge CEO, Kelsey Hoppe, was asked to contribute expert advice to the April 2019 of, Stir It Up, a monthly magazine for the catering industry. She discusses how organisations can prepare well for their security and safeguarding risks - both internal and external...

21 May 2019

Fatma Eljack, Safer Edge’s Senior Programme Manager for Learning, reflects on the changes enveloping her country.

Fatma Eljack grew up in Khartoum, Sudan. In 2004, after attaining a degree in chemistry, she joined the International Committee for the Red Cross / Red Cres...

23 Apr 2019

Safer Edge is frequently asked the question “how do you translate well-meaning safeguarding policies into relevant and proportionate actions in the field?"

Part of the answer involves understanding the local environment. Factors such as local attitudes to women, childre...

17 Jan 2019

Hibernation kits are well known kit to those who have worked in hostile environments. They are a standard part of an organisation’s preparedness for an incident so bad that their staff cannot evacuate and must ‘go to ground’ and wait it out.

While they’re waiting they m...

15 Oct 2018

Ahead of the DfID International Safeguarding Summit, here are 6 Steps to improving organisational safeguarding...

3 Aug 2018

This week saw the publication of the International Development Committee's report on Sexual abuse and exploitation in the aid sector.

The report describes a number of requirements of organisations working in this sector to improve their safeguarding. At the same time Df...

8 Jul 2018

" Are you worried whether your access control mechanism can resolve an advanced persistent threat with active content? "

Or have you just completely glazed over at that last sentence? 

You’re not alone.

So here's a straightforward guide to cyber...

Cyber terminology can b...

19 Jun 2018

When you think about it, there’s something not quite right about relying on victims, survivors and their associates to inform you of your safeguarding incidents…

The lead times for people to talk about abuse can be decades long. According to National Association for Peo...

15 May 2018

There’s an Irish tale about a man who gets hopelessly lost on the country roads. He stops to ask a farmer: ’How do I get to Dublin?’, ‘Well, I wouldn’t start from here.’ the farmer replies…

Safeguarding within NGOs and charities is high on the agenda of governments, the...

20 Apr 2018


A rumour is a piece of information the credibility and validity of which cannot be confirmed. It is usually a mixture of truth and untruth. Rumours spread easily between people, especially if there is a lack of official information, or facts, that are belie...

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