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LGBTI+ Inclusion: Where do we go from here?

by Elodie Leroy Le Moigne, Senior Risk & Safeguarding Advisor

Part 3 of a 3-part series on LGBTI+ safety and security. Click here to read part 1: Can LGBTI+ in the aid sector really bring their 'whole selves' to work? and part 2: Objections to LGBTI+ inclusion in humanitarian work.

The path to LGBTI+ inclusion in the humanitarian sector is one that we need to walk together. It is not possible for LGBTI+ to be the lone voices in organisations calling for inclusion. It’s not enough to simply have the HR manager on board. We need all of our voices in the conversation – senior managers, HR and Finance managers, security professionals – to name just a few.

And our first step together should be to increase our knowledge in what we’re attempting to change. Before pushing for a solution we need to have a better view on the extent of the problem. We simply don’t know enough about LGBTI+ exclusion to successfully address inclusion.

We need to know how many staff identify as LGBTI+, what their needs, concerns and coping mechanisms are. What risks do they face, the nature of those risks and how often do they reoccur?