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Safer Edge Insights: Cameroon

Cameroon: North-West and South-West Regions

Low-impact bombings and small arms attacks on security forces highlights increase in radical activism in the face of the continued government crackdown

Over the last two months, a series of low-level bombings have taken place in the majority-Anglophone areas of North-West and South-West Cameroon indicating an increasingly unpredictable security environment in the area.

The most recent bombings took place on the evening of 12 November, when four homemade devices were detonated in Bamenda, the capital of the North-West region. According to local media, one device was detonated close to a mobile police unit, another by a well-known supermarket and two others at a crossroads near Commercial Avenue. No fatalities or injuries were reported.

Authorities were targeted in several violent incidents in the North-West region in the week before the recent bombings:

  • 06 November – A policeman was shot dead in Jakiri (Bui department). The officer was reportedly in pursuit of assailants who had entered a school in the area and demanded that it join a boycott.

  • 07 November – Two police officers were killed by masked men in the Two policemen at a checkpoint in Bafut, on the outskirts of Bamenda.