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From Bid to Baghdad - A Case Study

“Safer Edge has been instrumental in the success of our three evaluation missions to date. They have been extremely responsive and flexible, enabling us to mobilise the team at short notice, and remain operational in a volatile security environment. Their staff and consultants are highly competent and pleasant to work with. Safer Edge are a trusted partner in our high-risk missions.”

- Nora Lonscar, ICF Consultant

The Client

ICF is a leading global consulting firm that helps clients conceive, develop, implement and improve solutions that address today’s most pressing health, social, economic and national security issues. ICF works in a variety of public and private sectors, including health, energy, international development transportation and consumer industries. In 2017, they were recognised as one of “America’s Best Management Consulting Firms”.

Safer Edge have been working with ICF since early 2014. Providing a variety of risk advisory services and training support, Safer Edge continues to help ICF achieve its business goals safely in places that can sometimes be volatile and challenging. We’ve worked together on projects in Chad, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Papua New Guinea, Jordan and Iraq.

The Challenge

In late 2014, Safer Edge (SE) was contacted by ICF’s London office to discuss an opportunity that had arisen to work on a contract for a major international donor in Iraq. The project was attractive, but there were concerns over the potential risks of sending staff and subcontractors on travel assignments during the height of the “Islamic State” (IS) conflict in country. The Solution

Following initial discussions, it was decided that SE would produce a project feasibility assessment. This product gave ICF an understanding of the security situation in country, what the appropriate operational modality was and what the likely safety and security costs would be. On receiving the report, the team was given the green light to pursue the contract – which they did successfully.

Safer Edge then procured the services a reputable security provider in country who agreed to support the deployment. Six weeks ahead of the scheduled deployment a comprehensive security risk assessment was produced. SE also began to deliver weekly intelligence reports in the run up to the deployment that updated ICF on security incidents and context developments, providing an opportunity to change travel plans accordingly. Two weeks before the deployment, SE trainers prepared and delivered a tailored safety and security training course for the two individuals who travelled to Iraq.

SE’s support continued throughout the deployment. ICF’s staff arrived in country accompanied by a SE trusted security consultant who was also a trauma-trained medic. This consultant conducted a variety of tasks including: liaising with local security providers, managing the security budget, monitoring communications, and providing logistics support and first response duties.

The mission was a success. The team safely conducted their scheduled meetings in both the International Zone and the Red Zone. Since the initial mission, SE and ICF have jointly carried out safe and successful, annual deployments to Iraq following the same risk management model.

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