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From Home to Work: Security in the Commute

No matter the country in which we work one of the most frequently overlooked periods of our day from a safety and security perspective is the time spent travelling from home to work. Yet, during this time we can be at heightened risk, so it is worth devoting some time to considering how we can keep ourselves, and our colleagues, safer.

Complacency is likely the biggest issue in our regular commute to the office. A survey conducted in 2009 suggested that that one in three traffic accidents happen within ten miles of a person’s home and this is due to people ‘zoning out’ or having reduced levels of awareness in travel they do routinely.

In environments where threats can be infrequent, but high impact, like vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs), kidnap, or carjacking it’s difficult to continually operate with adequate, a heightened sense of awareness and prevention can slip. In these environments complacency can be deadly. But, it’s difficult and exhausting to maintain a heightened alert all the time.

The best way to combat complacency is through regular communication. There’s no need to become the prophet of doomsday but whenever possible, remind everyone in the organisation of regular threats which are present but can be forgotten if they don’t impact people regularly. Update staff regularly on the security situation – whether it’s improving or deteriorating – and menti