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Safer Edge’s #1 Top Travel Security Tip

Man in suit describes communication as the top travel tip for security awareness and safety

Travel security is a topic that Safer Edge provides a lot of security training on. Here, Business Insider talks to former Safer Edge Director, Steve McCann, about the one tip to keep yourself safe when travelling. Watch the video here.

“You want to be able to communicate. Because if something untoward happens, the ability to communicate and respond is critical. Let's make sure that one small thing, like your battery running out of power, doesn't make it impossible for you to operate or respond to a security incident. A lot of the security involves two things, one is preparation. Being on the front foot. So, there is a plan people other than, you know. Where you're going. What is expected. And you have the ability to communicate with others about that. Everything gets very hard otherwise.

Trouble comes in threes and it's typically just a small thing that knocks your balance.

You might get lost for example. You will be late leaving somewhere and it's darker than you expected. That’s followed by another, you get a puncture and then there’s a real problem. So, then you get mug at all beaten up or something, staying on the front foot is the thing to do, by knowing where you are, where you're going, where to avoid and having that ability to be resilient and call upon help, if you need it.”

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