Need to know...the phonetic alphabet

April 11, 2013



Organisations working in remote contexts often use the phonetic alphabet for clarity of communication and using VHF and HF radios. Below is the full phonetic alphabet...


A - Alpha (AL fah)

B - Bravo (BRAH voh)

C - Charlie (CHAR lee)

D - Delta (DEL tah)

E - Echo (EKK oh)

F - Foxtrot (FOKS trot)

G - Golf (Golf)

H - Hotel (HO tell)

I - India (IN dee ah)

J - Juliet (JEW lee ett)

K - Kilo (KEY loh)

L - Lima (LEE mah)

M - Mike (Mike)

N - November (NOH vem ber)

O - Oscar (OSS car)

P - Papa (PAH pah)

Q - Quebec (keh BECK)

R - Romeo (ROW me oh)

S - Sierra (see AIR ah)

T - Tango (TANG go)

U - Uniform (YOU nee form)

V - Victor (VIK ter)

W - Whiskey (WISS key)

X - X-ray (EKS ray)

Y - Yankee (YANG kee)

Z - Zulu (ZOO loo)


If you are going to use the phonetic alphabet on a regular basis, regular practice means it becomes “second nature”.

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