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Innovative security management e-learning

Designed for security focal points, local organisations and partners

Screenshot of Safer Edge Security Management E-learning training course for security managers and security focal points

Security management is a critical function for international NGOs, charities, foundations and universities to work properly in any location. Sometimes organisations will hire someone who is a full-time security manager. But, more often, security is managed by a project manager who is responsible for security alongside their other job functions. Or, it may be a volunteer or local organisation with whom security is managed in a consortium. No matter who is assigned these responsibilities it is crucial that they have the expertise and technical training to do their job well.

Too often they don’t receive this. Traditionally, security management training has meant 3-5 days out of work, travelling to international destinations to receive classroom-based, in-person training in English or French. National staff, local partners and grassroots organisations are rarely prioritised which exposes the organisation to multiple safety and security risks, compromising their organisational security, duty of care and programme delivery.

"Over and over again, I saw local organisations expected to work in some of the riskiest locations with little, or no, preparation to manage the risks they were facing." -Kelsey Hoppe, Safer Edge CEO

This occurs despite language barriers being cited as being a contributor to